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Charie and Ava Hoover and Craig Chambers opened Phidippides Encino in 1980.  Over the next 31 years, the store became nationally recognized as the place to go for expert service and knowledge and unparalled product offerings. 

Charlie began running at the age of 28 and has now run over 250 marathons with a PR of 2:26.  He became a nationally ranked 50 miler with dozens of races and a 50 mile PR of 5:18, placing him in the top dozen or so all time Americans. He has completed the Western States 100 five times with a PR and 10th place finish of 18:44.

Charlie is also an avid enthusiast of "utility cycling" - cycling as mode of transportation.  He bike commuted most every day to work at Phidippides, a 16 mile round trip, did most of his errands on bike and numerous trips on bike. It's a healthy, fun, low cost and low carbon way to get around, and it beats hacking your way across the traffic jungles of Los Angeles.

Ava runs, cycles, dances and SINGS!  You can sample and purchase her songs and albums at iTunes, or at CD Baby .  Ava's voice and selection of songs (including her own) will take you on journeys of love and longing, joy and desperation. 
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Charlie crusing upriver at the Newport Oregon Marathon