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Trail running has always had a special meaning for me, at once rejuvenating my spirit and allowing me to reconnect to nature on her own terms and unencumbered by at least the major trappings of our technogical world. For me it is a reminder of, as David Suzuki writes in The Sacred Balance, the fact that we no longer seem to have a workable "story" of where and how man fits into the universe around us. Trail running is a humbling, inspiring reminder of our true connection to the world we live in. Technology has caused a disconnect that must be bridged if we are to survive as a society and perhaps even as a species.

Charlie at the top of Mt. Lukens
This link is NOT only about trail running, but covers some great trail and NON trail places to run in Los Angeles.  None of these offer the rugged, awe inspiring beauty of the San Gabriels, which I will soon be focusing on in the trail section, but with our busy lives and tight schedules, you will find some great runs here in this LA TImes link to great places to run in LA.
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I'll be building this trail section out soon now that I have time to get back on the trails. There will be guides to the trails in our area, including commentary about the run, the level of difficulty, maps and elevation charts!