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Okay, so it's no surprise that I support low energy path living. Years ago as I was researching solar space heating and cooling I discovered Global Sun Ovens.  I knew about solar cooking a long time ago, but did not really know much about the efforts to promote solar cooking around the world. While the industrialized nations enjoy the convenience of simply turning the switch and cooking our food, a billion households around the world spend hours per day gathering fuel (wood, scraps and dung) or burning costly, smokey kerosene to cook meals and purify water.  I ordered a Global Sun Oven from Sun Ovens International and loved it so much I ordered another one. Now most of my cooking is done in a Global Sun Oven. Now that I have more time, I will be doing LOTS more solar cooking and posting solar cooking recipes here on line!

I have several types of solar cookers for different types of cooking.  My parabolic solar broiler will broil chicken in 15 minutes and boil water in 3!  The Global Sun Oven is great for anything you would throw in your oven to bake or steam.  My smaller Hot Pot cooker works like a crock pot and will slow cook soups, stews, vegetables, rice, etc.

Please support Solar Cookers International in their efforts to improve the lot of men, women and children in third world countries. Solar cooking is healthier, saves fuel and protects lives.  Solar Cookers International helps fund education and solar cooker distribution around the world.
Global Sun Oven - Bakes and Steams
Sun & Ice Broiler/Grill - Reaches 750 deg!
For Safety and Peace of Mind Use a Road ID - Charlie Does!
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Pomegranate Chicken Hot Off The Solar Broiler
The Hot Pot - Hits 250 Degrees Great for Soups, Rice, etc.