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June 30, 2012 4:00 to 11:00 pm. FREE STAR PARTY at Vasquez Rocks County Park - Antelope Valley.

Come join the Local Group Astronomy Club out at Vasquez Rocks County Park on June 30st for their free quarterly Star Party!  Peer at the heavens through a couple of dozen telescopes of various kinds.  The club members are delighted to share their astronomy knowledge and experience with everyone.  It's a great family event.  If you get there early enough (set up begins about 4:00 pm) there will be a few solar telescopes set up.  You can view the solar flares and prominences and, depending on the scopes there, perhaps even see the surface features of the sun.  Night time is when the real show begins, however, and the winter sky is one of the most intersting. Galaxies, nebula and Saturn and Jupiter will all present great views.  Do plan on dressing warmly, as it can get quite cold as the
night progresses.  Jackets, hats and gloves are a must.  A nice thermos of hot chocolate or coffee is a
good idea as well.  So round up your friends and mark you calendar for the Star Party!  It's a great way to
start the New Year!   See you there!

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